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Dog Boarding at Fortune's Path Farm

* Individualized quality care for your dog

* Small scale home care for people who want an alternative to large kennels

* Short and long term board available

Mark Maclay's

Landscape Renovation

Mark loves to work with rugged terrain turning it into something organically beautiful. Like Petra, Mark has "vision;" he sees the possibilities where others might not. Mark has the ability to bring out the best in the land, working with the curves of hills, creating ponds lined with well-placed rocks, building incredible stone walls. Mark is an intuitive landscaper; an artist who understands his craft and his medium (earth, water and air). 

Want an example? Come to Fortune's Path Farm. Mark has taken heavily wooded, rocky terrain and turned it into a piece of heaven. And, when he is not renovating landscapes elsewhere, you can probably still find him working the land, bringing forth natural beauty.

Contact Petra at

[email protected]

for more information.