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Petra has been working with horses forever. It's what she loves to do. It is in her blood. An on-going student of Pam Goodrich, Petra, herself, aspires to riding at the Grand Prix level. However, when she works with her students, Petra focuses on teaching good solid horsemanship from the ground up. Whether a student wants to ride the trails or develop their dressage skills, a strong independent seat is the basis of everything. A strong seat will keep you safe, no matter what your horse does. 

Petra looks at each horse and each rider as distinct individuals, assessing their strengths and challenges. She incorporates the best of all schools of training to bring out the best, taking from both natural horsemanship and dressage. She has worked with Jeri Neider, a dressage judge, Pam Goodrich, a dressage instructor/trainer, and Terry McClare and John Lyons, natural horsemanship trainers. "Truth is one; the paths are many. " There is no one path to a goal.

When Petra bought the property at the very end of Reservation Road in Deerfield, NH, there was a house with no electricity and no running water set in the midst of woods. Over the past thirty-five years, Petra has cleared land, landscaped, put in paddocks, a barn, an indoor and an outdoor, just to name a few things. Her vision, and you can be assured that it will happen, is to create a hacking trail around the periphery of the property as well as build an olympic size outdoor ring that will be able to accomodate both dressage and jumping. Site development has been, and continues to be, done by Mark Maclay, landscape renovator.

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