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Training at Fortune's Path Farm includes full board and training sessions with your horse five days a week. Owner's are encouraged to be part of these sessions throughout the month. Petra's goal is to work with both horse and rider so that they can progress together.

Petra enjoys colt starting as well as rehabbing horses. With "colt starting," Petra works from the ground up, round penning, teaching respect and how to yield to pressure, developing confidence, long lining and, then, backing the young horse.

Concerning "rehabbing" horses, Petra works with horses that are coming back from injuries or have physical issues, as well as horses that are changing their career paths and disciplines.

Her wealth of knowledge and resources make Petra a compassionate, calm, encouraging trainer who brings out the best in a horse. Petra's approach is holistic, taking in the big picture as well as the smallest details.

Contact Petra at for more information.

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